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Materials engineering, M.Sc.

Whether in the aerospace, automotive, medical or computer industries, new materials are constantly being used and developed to produce state-of-the-art, high-performance products. Without highly specialized materials, progress is hardly conceivable. But how do you shape a car plate so that it protects without weighing it down; how must ceramics be so that it can become a new bone; how does glass transport images and which layers store most music? These are the questions that "materials engineers" deal with.

In addition to functionality, the careful use of resources is also at the heart of research in the development of new materials. Because only those who keep an eye on environmental protection, recycling and costs will stay in the race. Germany is still the leader in the field of metallurgy and materials development. The training and research opportunities are correspondingly good.

additional Information

Further information on the Bachelor and on the Master can be found on the website of RWTH Aachen University.

Examination Regulations

Current examination regulations can be found here in the Official Announcements of RWTH Aachen University.