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Business Administration and Engineering: Materials and Process Engineering

Developments and innovations cost money! But how expensive can it be and what must remain possible? These are difficult questions to answer, because often two professional fields with completely different goals come together. On the one hand the engineers, the developers, who want to do the possible and on the other hand the business economists, the calculators, who want to spend the minimum. Two worlds that often do not understand each other.

The Business Administrator and Engineer can build an important bridge in this field of tension. He has the knowledge of the business administrators and the engineers and thus occupies a very important position in today's companies. We train Business Administrators and Engineers specializing in materials and process engineering, who are optimally prepared for the constantly growing field of materials and material development, production and recycling of materials.

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Further information on the Bachelor and on the Master can be found on the website of RWTH Aachen University.


Current examination regulations can be found here in the Official Announcements of RWTH Aachen University.