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International Students' Day of Metallurgy

The International Students' Day of Metallurgy (ISDM) was founded in 1993 by the technical universities of Clausthal, Freiberg, Berlin, Duisburg, Leoben and Aachen.

Since that time, the ISDM organization has stood for the connection and exchange of knowledge between international students of metallurgy and materials science. More than 200 international students - mainly from Europe - come together to exchange their knowledge, form networks and express their enthusiasm for their field of study.

Over the years, the ISDM has grown into an international cultural and presentation event, which should offer all parties involved space for their individual presentation. In the foreground is also the contact to the companies of the steel industry, which present themselves at the contact fair of the ISDM. In addition, exciting insights into the local production facilities of the steel industry will be given in the course of various excursions.