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committee work

An important part of the student representatives' work is their participation in the university's committees. We represent the students of the division, faculty or university in the committees. In addition to us students, all committees consist of professorial members, scientific staff and employees in technology and administration. In the majority of the committees the professors have the absolute majority (number of professors = number (all others) +1).

Division wide committees

At the division level we represent you in:

  • Division Council
  • Quality Improvement Funds/Controlling - in which students have an absolute majority

faculty wide committees

In the following committees we represent you together with the other student councils of the faculty 5 faculty-wide:

  • faculty council
  • Study Advisory Council
  • Infrastructure Commission of the Faculty
  • Statute Committee

Examination Boards

Each academic course must have its own examination board (PA). There are two student representatives with voting rights on this board, which we send as student representatives. The PA's discuss and decide on topics relevant to the course of study, such as applications or further development of the course.

How can I participate?

Any student who is enrolled in the correspondingly represented area can participate in committees of academic self-administration. However, participation does not necessarily mean that you have to become a superactive member of the student council. However, it is welcome if the members who sit on the committees also report at the meetings of the student council, so that the council is always up to date. This ensures that others can follow up on your work.