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Update: Wahlen im SoSe 2021

Update: Meanwhile the election portal of the AStA is online. Here you log in with the known Single Sign-On. Afterwards you can choose between "Wahl zum Rat der Fachschaft Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik" and "Wahl zur Arbeitsgemeinschaft Klausuren der Fachschaft Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik" in the block "Kandidieren" (you can only run for one of both). Clicking on "Create election proposal" will take you to the form you need to fill out. Important: the proposal has to be submitted until 14.05.21 at 12 o'clock. A late entry is technically not possible!

In the period from 28.06. - 12.07.21 the postal elections will take place. All eligible students will receive the necessary documents automatically by mail. You do not have to register anywhere to receive the documents. The election documents will be sent to the address entered in RWTHonline under "Korrespondenzadresse". Check this as soon as possible!

End Update

The semi-annual General Assembly will take place this summer semester as usual on the first Tuesday in May, i.e. on 04.05. at 10:30 am. Here the current council will report on its activities and be discharged. You can find the access data here.

However, the elections will take place differently than usual in the context of the university elections from 28.06 - 12.07.2021 as a pure postal vote. The student council has decided on this procedure, as this is the only way to conduct elections at all. Meanwhile, an online election is not possible, because so far only one system meets the requirements, but is currently not certified by the BSI. The RWTH will handle the elections centrally via a service provider, we will communicate more detailed information about the election as soon as we have it.

In order to nominate yourselves for election - no matter if for the student council or the AG Klausuren - please fill out the attached election proposal and send it by the beginning of the general assembly on 04.05. filled out and signed to the election officer Felix Schmidt (