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General Assembly and Elections in Summer Semester 2022

On Tuesday, 03.05. at 11 a.m. in H218 of the Gießerei-Institut, the semi-annual general assembly (VV) is coming up again, at which the current council and the AG Klausuren report on their activities and are relieved. There is also breakfast, as is usual for our VV in presence. You can read the agenda in the protocol system. The applications are attached below.

After that, the elections for the Council and the "AG Klausuren" are imminent again. All preliminary information can be found in the election announcement in the appendix (german). Final information on the course of the election will probably only be available at the GA.

Starting this semester, standing for election will work via our new administration system "WueStIT". To be listed, go to this link and fill out the form. You will then receive your nomination by email. You do not need to print this out, but please note the ID that is noted on the nomination. A table will be passed around during the GA, on which you enter your ID and then sign it there. If you are unable to take part in the GA but still want to stand for election, send your signed nomination to

If you are not elected, your entries in WueStIT will be deleted after the end of the next election if you do not run again. This means that if you stand for this election, are not elected and do not run for the next election, your data will be deleted as soon as the next election is over. However, should you run again for the next election, the system will still know your name and address. The results of the election are archived for 10 years.